"The famous and accomplished sitarist Abdul Halim Jaffer Khan steers a careful path between acknowledging the worth of traditional styles of Sitar while making clear the nature of his own unique contribution to this art in the twentieth century."

                Gerry Farrell, British Journal of Ethnomusicology

Jafferkhani Baaj - An Innovation in Sitar Music


A Beautifully Produced Work

Second Edition Coming Soon!

"Abdul Halim Jaffer Khan...is one of those rare individuals who is both articulate and musically skillful. ...this is not a mere coffee table book, for it also has detailed instructions about those aspects of  Khan’s playing which have made him an important pioneer in the history of the sitar."

                       Teed Rockwell, President - Multicultural Music Fellowship. IndiaCurrents.com

One Can Finally See Why All This Technique is Worth Learning

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